Stanley Cup Winners Hockey League - Coaches 

Pro Coaches

Coaches Name Team Name PH DF OF PD EX LD PO CNT Age Contract Salary
Alain VigneaultFlyers74778081878245QUE5651,328,000$
Barry TrotzPredators66737782848348MAN5551,646,000$
Benoit GroulxWild55515342665566QUE49575,000$
Bob HartleyFlames69776578877945ONT5651,267,000$
Claude JulienDucks77778776908342ONT5751,188,000$
Dan BylsmaCanadiens82828880577375USA465761,000$
Darryl SutterStars95787077938639ALB5851,509,000$
Dave TippettBruins82667782848148SAS5551,308,000$
Gerard GallantKings69706361786754PEI535537,000$
Guy BoucherSenators1111111CAN3981,000,000$
Jack CapuanoPenguins80737365727060USA515627,000$
Jeff BlashillCapitals43665766485484USA435151,000$
Joel QuennevilleBlackhawks59808491938839ONT5851,793,000$
Jon CooperLeafs67817779666966BC 495419,000$
Ken HitchcockBlues72807553998533ALB6551,740,000$
Lindy RuffRed Wings67737375908342ALB5751,747,000$
Michel TherrienBlue Jackets69777161787354QUE535982,000$
Mike BabcockIslanders66767789818051SAS5451,278,000$
Mike SullivanSharks69696857666566USA495602,000$
Patrick RoyAvalanche78687475726960QUE515392,000$
Paul MauriceJets86797969697963ONT5051,509,000$
Peter DeBoerCanucks64887295667466ONT495818,000$
Peter LavioletteRangers82535652757057USA5251,188,000$
Todd McLellanLightning66828188667466SAS495848,000$
bruce boudreauOilers85858276919150CAN5081,000,000$

Farm Coaches

Coaches Name Team Name PH DF OF PD EX LD PO CNT Age Contract Salary
D.J. SmithSan Antonio Rampage (COL)54564744394893ONT40775,000$
Dale HunterLe Pénitencier de Macaza (WPG)53546245876245ONT56582,000$
Dallas EakinsMarlies (TOR)70716869696663USA505412,000$
Dave CameronPanteres (MIN)87607459937239PEI585330,000$
Dave HakstolMont-Laurier Sommet (EDM)70707070707070CAN487200,000$
Davis PayneTrois-Rivieres Patriotes (PHI)95706377576775ONT465487,000$
Eric VeilleuxLowell Lock Monsters (CBJ)60625338545478QUE45575,000$
Glen GulutzanRockford IceHogs (CHI)69696857546178MAN455450,000$
Joe SaccoSan Jose Barracuda (SJS)77605874636669USA485644,000$
John AndersonSan Francisco Demons (ANH)45645763996833ONT605170,400$
Luke RichardsonRed Deer Spartans (ISL)57476746635669ONT486153,000$
Mike JohnstonHershey Bears (WSH)55566243966436NS 59583,000$
Mike ModanoVictoriaville Tigres (DAL)33333333604572USA47575,000$
Pascal VincentOscars de Hollywood (LAK)86716669546478QUE457330,000$
Paul MacLeanles Ambassadeurs de Gatineau (VCR)87678259967636FRA595632,000$
Pavel BureBrooklyn Wolfpack (NYR)33333333574475RUS465150,000$
Ralph KruegerKabul Lions (TB )65646473907042GER57581,800$
Randy CarlyleBruins de Providence (BOS)95637563998133CAN6091,000,000$
Ron RolstonWilkes-Barrie Penguins (PIT)77474674696263USA505371,000$
Ross YatesChicago Wolves (STL)49383539935739QUE585150,000$
Scott ArnielMilwaukee Admirals (NSH)74697281817251ONT545168,300$
Scott StevensCornwall Aces (QUE)64796595787154ONT535320,000$
Steve YzermanPointe-Verte Sharapovas (DET)33333333754957BC 525150,000$
Ted NolanBrossard Bitches (MTL)77676474967736ONT595820,000$
Willie DesjardinsHuberdeau Prison (CGY)43626667996833SAS605150,000$
migBinghamton Senators (OTW)50505050505050can359500,000$

Available Coaches

Coaches Name PH DF OF PD EX LD PO CNT Age Contract Salary
Craig Berubé82828880577375CAN509700,000$
John Stevens95706377727260CAN659600,000$
Todd Richards95787474697463USA505695,000$
reggie dunlop55555555555555can389100,000$
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2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
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8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
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10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column